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Greece - Permanent residence

This chapter includes all you need to know about "permanent residence" in Greece, a requirement you must meet in order to be entitled to certain categories of social benefits.

Am I a permanent resident?

The term "permanent residence" means that a person has actually settled in Greece and that Greece is the centre of his/her existence, biotic relationships, material interests, and material life, as well as his/her professional place of establishment. Furthermore, the person in question must be willing to remain in Greece for a reasonable period of time.

Among other things, the factors taken into account in order to establish whether a person is a permanent resident are the following:

  • The person in question must reside in his/her primary and permanent place of residence.
  • S/He must not have more than one permanent residence.
  • If proof cannot be provided of the person's last residence, then his/her place of residence is considered as his residence.

A person must permanently reside in Greece when applying for the following benefits:

  • single allowance child support;
  • special benefit for families with three or more children.

The permanent residence requirement in respect of these benefits applies to all applicants, including Greek citizens. Generally speaking, if you have lived in Greece for many years, you will not have difficulty proving that you meet the "permanent residence" requirement.

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