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In what situation can I claim?

In the event of death of an insured individual or pensioner, the members of his/her family are entitled to survivor's pension on certain conditions.

  • Pensions due to death

Widow's pension:

The surviving spouse has to be 55 years old when the death of the insured person or pensioner occurs.

If the death occurred before the surviving spouse reached 55 years of age, the pension is paid for 3 years. When the surviving spouse reaches the age of 55 while receiving the pension, it is interrupted when the 3 years period is over, but new payment begins when the surviving spouse is 67 years old. These restrictions do not apply to the surviving spouse who has a child or children unable for any gainful employment due to a level of disability (67% or more).

The surviving divorced spouse receives pension if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The former spouse, before his/her death, had the duty to pay alimony (based on court decision on contract between former spouses).
  • 10 years of marriage were completed before the divorce was approved by court decision.
  • The divorce was not the result of severe breach of marriage caused by the person applying for pension.
  • The surviving divorced spouse is not remarried or did not enter into civil partnership.
  • The yearly personal tax income does not exceed the double amount of the yearly pension granted by the former Agricultural Insurance Organisation (OGA) to the uninsured pensioners of very old age.

The partners from civil partnership have the same rights in terms of social insurance, benefit, obligation or restriction, as married couples.

Orphan’s pension:

Legitimate children, recognised children, adopted children and those considered as such have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • They are not married and are less than 18 years old. This limit is extended to 24 years if they are attending higher education in Greece or abroad, or if they are enrolled in vocational training institutes/centres/schools.
  • When the insured died, they are not married and are incapable of any gainful activity (if the disability started before they reached 24 years of age). In this case the pension continues to be paid after they are 24 years old.
  • Funeral costs: as a rule, compensation is paid to the widow/widower or the person who paid for the funeral; compensation is not paid in the event of death of a dependant.

What conditions do I need to meet?

  • Pensions due to death: if the deceased has accumulated 1,500 insurance days, of which 300 were accumulated in the 5 years prior to his/her death, then you are entitled to survivor's pension.

As a rule, pensions are subject to tax.

  • Funeral benefit: if the deceased was not a pensioner, in order to receive the funeral benefit s/he must have accumulated 100 days of insurance in the last year prior to his/her death or in the last 15 months of his/her life, without taking into account the last three months.

The supporting documents that you are required to submit to your EFKA (former IKA-ETAM) branch include the health booklet of the deceased, a death certificate, his/her insurance booklet (if the deceased was working) or a certificate on the discontinuation of his/her pension (if the deceased was a pensioner), as well as the original receipts issued by the funeral home.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

Pensions due to death

The surviving spouse receives 50% of the pension the deceased received or was entitled to receive.

If the marriage took place after the old age pension was granted to the deceased pensioner, the survivor's pension is decreased depending on the age difference between the deceased and the survivor by 1 to 5%.

If there are a surviving spouse and a divorced spouse, the above amount is allocated as follows: the surviving spouse receives 75% and the divorced spouse with at least 10 years of marriage receives 25%.

The benefit is subject to a means-test (on own income). It is paid every month and there are no additional payments and no maximum duration of benefit receipt.

Each child receives 25% of the pension of the deceased parent. If the child has lost both parents the amount he/she receives is double (50%).

The benefit is not means-tested. It is paid every month and there are no additional payments.

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Funeral costs: this is a lump-sum benefit which is equal to eight times the reference pay of the highest insurance category.

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