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Germany - Previous benefits (in other EU countries) may be taken into account.

Social insurance schemes and EU regulations

If you work in another EU country or in another neighbouring country subject to EU regulations, you are usually no longer insured in Germany. Your entitlements will therefore depend upon the laws of the country where you are working.

If you have worked in another EU country (or a state in which the same regulations apply) and/or paid social insurance contributions there, the entitlements you acquired there may be taken into consideration when calculating your welfare benefits in Germany.

Which social welfare entitlements are affected of your change of residence?

Under some conditions, you can combine the following welfare benefits within the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland:

  • Unemployment benefit
  • State old age pension
  • Disability pension
  • Survivor's pensions
  • Maternity allowance
  • Parental allowance

What do I need to do?

If you have worked in a country governed by EU law and come back to Germany, you must bring along the following documents:

A receipt showing the social welfare contributions paid by you in the other country on the E104 and U1 forms (previously: E301). You can obtain these from your social insurance provider. Please check before your departure whether you have all the necessary documents for social insurance in Germany.

If you have received unemployment benefit or other unemployment support for four weeks in a country in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you may transfer this for three to six months to Germany for the job search. You need the U2 form for this (previously: E303).

Your rights

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