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Germany - "Social compensation" benefits

Under what circumstances am I entitled to benefits?

People who suffer a health damage for which the national community is responsible to compensate a certain victim or based on the principles of pension provision, is entitled to a pension due to the health and economic consequences of the damage. This applies to damage to health due to both world wars, crimes of violence, damages due to injuries in military or community service, vaccination damage and due to state injustice in the GDR (damaging event).

Eligibility requirements

People are eligible for all benefits, if they have suffered a health damage due to a damaging event (see above). Surviving parties are eligible if the damaged party has died because of the damage.

What am I entitled to and where can I apply for the benefits?

The claimants receive medical treatment and care depending on their personal situation and the severity of the harm they suffered. The care benefits are the "benefits for special situations", "care assistance" and "subsistence benefit". The care benefits are means-tested, if the need for it is not exclusively caused by the damage.

The benefits are always paid out once a competent pension administration has approved the claims.

Application forms

You can obtain information and application forms at the main welfare offices of your town, city or district, on the website of the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs; and parties injured in military service can obtain them and the Federal Office for Personnel Management of the Bundeswehr.

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