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Denmark - Previous coverage–protection abroad can count

This chapter provides you with information on moving within the EU, and what significance this has for your social security benefits.

In what situation can I claim?

If you have to work in another EEA country, you will generally no longer be part of the social security system in the country you leave, and you will be subject to the laws of the new country.

If you have paid social security contributions in another EEA country, the contributions you have paid in another EEA country can be taken into account when your benefits are calculated in Denmark.

What conditions do I need to meet?

If you come to Denmark, your previous social security record in other EEA countries may affect benefits in the following situations:

  • sickness and maternity, e.g. sickness insurance, sickness benefit and maternity/paternity benefit;
  • incapacity, including benefits aimed at preserving and improving capacity for work, e.g. pension and rehabilitation;
  • old age and benefits for survivors, e.g. pension;
  • accidents at work and occupational diseases, e.g. compensation for permanent injury;
  • death, e.g. death grant;
  • unemployment, e.g. unemployment insurance;
  • family, e.g. family benefits.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

If you apply for a Danish social security benefit, you will be asked whether you have lived or worked in another EEA country or Switzerland. You must be prepared to be able to present documentary evidence of:

  • which country you have worked in;
  • name and address of the employer abroad;
  • periods of work abroad;
  • your registration number abroad.

There may also be various practical things you have to do, depending on whether you are resident in Denmark temporarily, move to Denmark or work in Denmark.

At www.lifeindenmark.dk you will find guidance on what you need to do under 'Coming to Denmark', 'Living in Denmark' and 'Cross borders'.

Jargon busters

  • CPR number: all citizens in Denmark have a personal registration number, which is known as the CPR number. CPR stands for Central Person Register.
  • NemID is Denmark's general logon solution for social service benefits, Internet banking, etc. NemID consists of a user ID, a password and an authentication card with single-use codes. You do not need to be a Danish citizen to obtain a NemID. You can obtain a NemID if you have a CPR number and proof of ID.
  • Nemkonto (Easy Account) is a normal bank account you select yourself as the account at which public authorities can transfer money directly to you, e.g. family benefits, tax refunds, unemployment benefit.
  • Health card/health insurance card is your documentation if you are entitled to social service benefits offered as part of the public health system. The card shows name and address, CPR number and the name and address of your doctor. It is compulsory every time you need to see a doctor or dentist or have to go to hospital.
  • PDU 1 is a document used to provide evidence of previous periods of employment and/or insurance.
  • PDU 2: if you meet the conditions to take your unemployment benefit with you to another EU country, your unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse) can issue a document known as PDU 2.

Forms you may need to fill in

If you do not have NemID

You can use the self-service solutions at lifeindenmark.dk and the websites of Danish authorities. Contact the authority responsible for registration or the benefit you wish to apply for instead.

If you have NemID

You can use self-service solutions at lifeindenmark.dk.

Know your rights

At the links below you can get information on your legal rights. They do not refer to European Commission websites and therefore do not represent the views of the Commission:

European Commission publications and website:

Who do you need to contact?

Citizen service

You can obtain assistance from your local Citizen Service.

Udbetaling Danmark
Kongens Vænge 8
3400 Hillerød

Tel. +45 11 12 13
E-mail: udbetalingdanmark@atp.dk

Unemployment funds

You can find a list of unemployment funds here.

SKAT (Central Customs and Tax Administration)

Tel.: +45 72221818

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