Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion


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Modernising employment and social policies

The PROGRESS axis of EaSI helps the EU and its countries to improve policies in three thematic sections:


  • Develop and disseminate high-quality comparative analytical knowledge.
  • Facilitate effective and inclusive information-sharing, mutual learning and dialogue.
  • Provide financial support to test social and labour market policy innovations.
  • Provide organisations with financial support to increase their capacity to develop, promote and support the implementation of EU instruments and policies.

Who can participate?

The PROGRESS axis of EaSI is open to all public and/or private bodies, actors and institutions, and in particular:

  • national, regional and local authorities;
  • employment services;
  • specialist bodies provided for under Union law;
  • the social partners;
  • non-governmental organisations;
  • higher education institutions and research institutes;
  • experts in evaluation and in impact assessment;
  • national statistical offices;
  • the media.

It can support cooperation with international organisations, and in particular with the Council of Europe, the OECD, the ILO, with other United Nations bodies and with the World Bank.

How to apply

The activities to be funded are defined in a work programme adopted by the Programme Committee.

To apply for funding, eligible organisations must respond to a call for tender or/and to a call for proposals.


55% of the total EaSI budget will be allocated to the PROGRESS axis. 20% of this quota will be dedicated to fight youth unemployment, 45% to social protection, social inclusion and the reduction and prevention of poverty and 7% to working conditions.

From the overall allocation for the Progress axis, a significant share shall be allocated to the promotion of social (policy) innovation as a method for testing and evaluating innovative solutions with a view to upscaling them.

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