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News 14/11/2016

Peer Review on “Human Capital in Poland – labour market research project for 2016-2023”, Warsaw (Poland), 14-15 November 2016

An adequate balance between skills and job needs depends on the provision of quality education and training, as well as adequate information on the current demand for skills. The aim of this Peer Review was to present how the Polish authorities monitor skill needs in the labour market in order to reduce skill mismatches.

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The Peer Review showcased the use of the Human Capital Survey (BKL – Bilans Kapitału Ludzkiego) as a tool for monitoring skills needs in Poland. According to this Survey around eight out of ten enterprises in Poland claim that they find difficulties to meet their skill needs despite significant unemployment. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development together with companies, individuals and training institutions monitors labour market needs to tackle this challenge.

The event focused on the different methods used by the Member States to monitor the demand and supply of skills and to exchange effective practices on the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

This Peer Review was hosted by PARP –the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in Warsaw, Poland as part of the Mutual Learning Programme.

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