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Each year the Social Situation Monitor:

  • carries out policy-relevant analysis and research on the current socio-economic situation in the EU on the basis of the most recent available data
  • examines major issues which are features of the situation or affect it with the aim of providing evidence on which to base policy-making across the EU

Four main areas of research are investigated:

  1. Poverty, income inequality, social inequalities, health and well-being 
  2. Employment, unemployment and labour market outcomes 
  3. Welfare state, social, and labour market policies 
  4. Advanced quantitative methods 

Key outputs

1. Research findings

2. Research notes

3. Research seminars

Their aim is to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and policy implications of the latest economic and social research. More specifically, SSM seminars aim to inform the:

  • economic and social analysis of the European Commission in general, and the Employment and Social Developments in Europe review in particular,
  • economic and social analysis of the European Commission’s stakeholders,
  • economic and social policies of the European Commission and its stakeholders.

SSM seminars are primarily intended to:

  • economists and analysts working in policy-making organisations,
  • academic researchers,
  • policy officers with an interest in economic and social analysis.

Latest: Social investment in Europe (29/01/2019)

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Background information

This initiative is led by ICF SA in consortium with the HIVA Institute, on behalf of the European Commission. The team is led by Dr. Geert Van Hootegem from HIVA and Dr. Simona Milio from ICF.

If you have any questions please contact the project team

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