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Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje
(Croatian Health Insurance Fund – CHIF)
Margaretska 3, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 4806 333

Treatment, coverage & costs




  • Treatment is free of charge if the hospital has a contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF).
  • You need a referral from a primary care doctor.
  • You will be charged a daily fee of HRK 100 for a hospital stay. Patients' fees are capped at HRK 2000.


  • You can get medicines prescribed by a primary care doctor from a pharmacy that has a contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF)
  • You will be charged a standard fee of HRK 10 per prescription.


  • Necessary ambulance travel is covered.

Air ambulance

  • No information available.


  • You cannot be reimbursed through the Croatian Health Insurance Fund.
  • If you have to pay for care, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home to seek reimbursement.

Patient contribution

The EHIC gives all insured persons from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland access to healthcare on the same footing as Croatians with health insurance.

You will be charged for certain services for which Croatians with health insurance are obliged to pay (co-payment). Insured persons who take advantage of healthcare benefits in kind in Croatia are obliged to cover 20% of their cost. However the minimum amount of co-payment cannot be less than:

  • 10 HRK for treatment by a doctor providing primary healthcare
  • 100 HRK per day for a stay in hospital stay
  • 10 HRK per prescription
  • 25 HRK for specialist healthcare
  • 50 HRK for specialist diagnoses not classed as primary healthcare
  • 50 HRK for orthopaedic and other aids
  • 25 HRK per day for physical rehabilitation
  • 1000 HRK for dental aids
  • 500 HRK for dental aids for people over 65

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

  • Are you from another EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland? Then you can obtain dialysis, oxygen therapy or chemotherapy on the basis of your EHIC.
  • To have prompt access to treatment, make sure you contact a healthcare provider before your arrival in Croatia. Make an appointment for a specific date and time.
  • Bring your medical documentation showing the type of treatment you need.

How do I apply for an EHIC?

Doctors & hospitals accepting the EHIC

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of EHICs issued in Croatia

An insured person who loses an EHIC must contact the nearest CHIF / HZZO office as soon as possible.

For more information:


Tel: +385 1 644 90 90

National Contact Point (NCP) | HZZO

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