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Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije
(Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia – HIIS)
Tel: +386 1 30 77 300
Email: DI@zzzs.si

Emergency departments in Slovenia are called urgenca.

Access to medical services during temporary stay in Slovenia leaflet

Treatment, coverage & costs


  • With  your European Health Insurance Card, consult a doctor who is registered with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.
  • You may have to pay a standard patient fee for your treatment.


  • Dentists offer emergency medical services.
  • With your European Health Insurance Card, consult a dentist at a public health centre or a private centre that has a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

Hospital treatment

  • You will need a referral from a doctor.
  • In case of emergency, it is possible to go directly to the emergency ward nearest to the place of residence.


  • Medicines can be obtained from pharmacies (in Slovenian: lekarna) having contractual agreements with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia on the basis of a prescription issued by a primary care physician.
  • Costs of specific medicines are fully covered by compulsory health insurance, whereas additional payment is required for the purchase of others.
  • Medicines are classified in lists according to certain criteria.
  • For medicines on the positive list, 30% of the price must be paid by the patient (except for the treatment of certain persons and conditions). For medicines on the interim list, patients must pay 90% of the price. For medicines on the negative list, patients must pay the full price.
  • These charges are non-refundable in Slovenia.
  • In the event of inpatient treatment, medicines are ensured as part of the treatment.


  • For urgent medical treatment transport by ambulance is free of charge, provided that a doctor confirms it as medically necessary (issues a referral).
  • If not, you will pay up to 90% of the cost.

Air ambulance

  • No information available.


  • There is no reimbursement system in Slovenia.
  • The patient fee is not reimbursed.
  • If you have to pay for care, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home to seek reimbursement.

Patient contribution

For information on medical services for which additional payments are required see the English web pages of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, and specifically the chapter 'The Extent of Rights Deriving from Compulsory Health Insurance'.

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

  • Foreign insured persons can access such services in Slovenia on the basis of preliminary authorisation from a healthcare institute which has a contractual agreement with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS).
  • The list of dialysis and chemotherapy centres in Slovenia is available on the HIIS's English web pages.
  • You can find more information on oxygen therapy (in Slovenian only) or through the contacts page of the HIIS.

How do I apply for an EHIC?

Slovenian insured persons can apply for an EHIC at Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia’s regional offices, via website (in Slovenian only) or via mobile phone with SMS (in Slovenian only).

Doctors & hospitals accepting the EHIC

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of EHICs issued in Slovenia

Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije
(Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia – HIIS)
Služba za poslovanje s karticami (Card Administration Office)
Tel: +386 1 30 77 466
Email: kzz_sluzba@zzzs.si

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