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  • Residents of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden need only show a valid national ID card to obtain free healthcare in Denmark but can also present a valid EHIC.
  • Non-EU nationals can use their EHICs in Denmark only if one of the following conditions is met:
    • they are a co-insured family member of a Danish insured EU national
    • they are a resident of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden
    • they are a stateless person according to Article 1 in the UN 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, or
    • they are a refugee according to Article 1 of the UN 1951 Refugee Convention


  • Call 112 at any time

Outside office hours
For information on out-of-hours medical services:

General information on healthcare in Denmark
How to get help if you are ill

Or contact:
Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed
Danish Patient Safety Authority
EU Health Insurance
Islands Brygge 67
2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 72 26 94 90
E-mail: stps@stps.dk
Website: www.stps.dk

Treatment, coverage & costs


  • Treatment is provided free of charge by doctors working under a contract with the public health insurance scheme.
  • To obtain treatment by a specialist, you usually need a referral from a general practitioner (GP).
  • Find a GP (praktiserende læge) or specialist (behandlere) near you in the list of healthcare providers (in Danish).


  • The cost will be lower if you consult a dentist working under a contract with the public health insurance scheme.
  • Certain preventive treatments and fillings are reimbursed up to 40%.
  • Dentures, crowns, etc. are not reimbursed.
  • Find a dentist (tandlæge) near you in the list of healthcare providers (in Danish)

Hospital treatment

  • In an emergency, you can go to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department (skadestue or Akutmodtagelse/Akutklinik) of any public hospital.
  • Find information on how to obtain urgent hospital assistance, in English or Danish. In some regions you must call before going to the A&E department.
  • In a non-emergency, you must be referred by a doctor (GP or specialist).
  • Treatment is free of charge if you are under the age of 18 or if you show a valid European Health Insurance Card.


  • Take your prescription to any pharmacy. Find a pharmacy (apotek) near you.
  • The first time you buy prescribed medicine in Denmark, you will receive a special card with a unique number.
  • Show this card whenever you purchase medicine so your reimbursement can be calculated.
  • Whether or not you are reimbursed depends on how much prescription medicine you consume in a given year. You will not be reimbursed if the value of your annual consumption falls below a fixed minimum (in 2020: DKK 995/year).


  • Call 112 if you need an ambulance.
  • The ambulance service is free in emergencies.

Air ambulance

  • There are no special rules for transport by air ambulance.


If you have to pay the full price for treatment, you may seek reimbursement from the public healthcare by contacting the municipality ('kommune') you are visiting. They will reimburse your medical expenses or guide you on how to seek reimbursement.

Find the local municipality (Danish only).

  • Show all original bills, receipts and referrals
  • Show your European Health Insurance Card
  • Give your bank account details (IBAN and SWIFT / BIC code)

If you were unable to submit a claim during your stay, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home.

Patient contribution

Hospital treatment and treatment by a general practitioner (GP) or specialist (if you have a GP's referral) is free of charge.


The public health system reimburses up to 40% of costs for certain treatments. Dentures, crowns, etc. are not reimbursed.


  • Reimbursement is calculated on the basis of your actual annual consumption of prescribed medicines.
  • No reimbursement below a fixed limit (in 2020: DKK 995/year) (min. 60% reimbursement for persons under the age of 18).
  • Foreigners get a special card with a unique number the first time they buy prescribed medicine in Denmark. This card must be shown whenever you buy medicine so the reimbursement can be calculated.
  • For reimbursement rates for medicines bought outside Denmark see the website of the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen).

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

  • If you know you will need hospital treatment during your stay in Denmark, you must arrange it well in advance.
  • Private treatment is only covered if you are referred from a public hospital.
  • Public hospitals may refuse to arrange treatment because of capacity problems.
  • For questions on transport costs contact the hospital.

How do I apply for an EHIC?

You can apply online for the EHIC by using the self-service solution:

Doctors & hospitals accepting the EHIC

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of EHICs issued in Denmark

  • Udbetaling Danmark will issue a provisional replacement certificate.
  • In urgent cases, it can be faxed to the country in which you are staying.

You may contact:

Udbetaling Danmark
International Health Insurance
Kongens Vænge 8
3400 Hillerød
Tel. +45 7012 8081
E-mail: udbetalingdanmark@atp.dk

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