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Czech Republic


Health Insurance Bureau
(Kancelář zdravotního pojištění)
Tel: +420 236 033 411
Email: info@kancelarzp.cz

Treatment, coverage & costs


  • You can only use the EHIC card with a doctor who has a contract with a Czech health insurance fund - zdravotní pojišťovna (most do, though there are non-contracted doctors in tourist areas).
  • The doctor will ask you to sign a certificate of entitlement (Potvrzeni o naroku), so your treatment can be charged to the Czech public health insurance fund.
  • The doctor will give you a copy of this certificate, to show whenever you need any treatment, tests or prescription medication.
  • Staying for longer?
    • You can register with a Czech health insurance funds and receive a certificate of registration (Potvrzeni o registraci), valid for the length of your stay.
    • Show this document whenever you have treatment or have a prescription filled.


  • Standard care is free
  • Non-standard treatment/materials such as composite fillings or prosthetics – you may have to pay a fee.

Hospital treatment

  • Hospital treatment is free of charge.


  • If your medicine is not covered by the public health insurance system, you must pay some or all of the cost.
  • Detailed information on reimbursement rates of medicines can be found on the website of the State Institute for Drug Control.


  • Ambulances are free – if you show your EHIC.
  • If not, you will have to pay, and claim it back later from the provider using your EHIC or Provisional Replacement Certificate.
  • Mountain rescue is not covered by the EHIC.

Air ambulance

  • Air ambulances are free.


  • You should not have to pay anything other than standard patient fees payable by residents of the Czech Republic.
  • You cannot ask for reimbursement in the Czech Republic.
  • If you have paid for care, contact your national health insurance fund for reimbursement when you get home.

Patient contribution

  • There is a standard charge of CZK 90 for emergency medical services, including emergency dental services.
  • Various patient contributions are applicable for drugs.


Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

  • If you know you will need any of these treatments while in the Czech Republic, contact a Czech healthcare provider (doctor, hospital, etc.) before you travel.
  • For more information, contact a Czech public health insurance fund before you travel.

How do I apply for an EHIC?

The EHIC is issued automatically for all insured Czech citizens. In case of loss of card, you should contact the public health insurance.

Doctors & hospitals accepting the EHIC


Contractual healthcare providers accepting the EHIC can be found on the websites of the health insurance funds:

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of EHICs issued in the Czech Republic

Kancelář zdravotního pojištění
Tel: +420 236 033 411
Email: info@kancelarzp.cz

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