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SFC2021 WebServices section

The SFC2021 Web Services Pilot has started in Test environment for a limited number of users. The first technical specifications and documentation has been published for users of the Pilot (but these can be consulted by all users having access to this part of the portal). Once the Pilot is complete and the Web Service is available for everyone in the Production environment we will send a mailing to all Member State Liaison and users subscribed to the Web Service section. Please do not send certificate requests unless you have been explicitly informed that you are part of the Pilot project.

More information will be posted here as soon as the Pilot is complete.


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SFC2021 Webservice uses REST API

The SFC REST API enables you access the SFC data in the Data Store from any platform.

The REST API provides resources and methods to:
  • List, Create, Obtain & Modify resources.
  • Send resources to the commission.
  • Listen for events (acceptance, return, ...)
The Technology:
  • Standard Rest API that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.
  • Protected by EU login openID connect.