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04/08/2021: SFC2014 New Release 4.2.10 - 17h00 to 17h30 CET

The following items are included in this new release:



Rural development programme (EAFRD)

  • RDP EAFRD (12756) – The system now prevents the user to add M21 in section 5.2 from the Rural development programme after 31/12/2021. There will also be no possibility to change Priority or focus area subsequently.

Quartely declaration of expenditure (EAFRD)

  • DOE EAFRD (12950) – The system now only allow the user to declare M21 expenditure, financial and other adjustments until Q4/2021. After Q4/2021, only financial and other adjustments can be declared. This means that from Q1/2022 (included), the expenditure columns 4 and 6 will be blocked and only columns 7,7’,8,8’ will be available to encode amounts.


Defects fixed:

Quartely declaration of expenditure (EAFRD)

  • DOE EAFRD (13309) – The EURI budget code was not correctly displayed in the snapshot PDF for Open Advances section. It was showing the code 08030102 for both EAFRD and EURI. This has now been fixed.