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System for Fund Management in the European Union

01/04/2021: Services of the Commission Closed

The SFC2014 application will remain operational during the Easter Period. The application will be monitored to ensure that any unforeseen downtime is kept to a minimum.

User support (ec-sfc2014-info@ec.europa.eu) will be available on 01/04 and 02/04.

No support will be available on 05/04.


L’application SFC2014 reste accessible et opérationnelle pendant la période de Paques. Le système sera constamment supervisé afin d’éviter toute interruption inattendue.

Le service de support (ec-sfc2014-info@ec.europa.eu) sera également à votre disposition le 01/04 et 02/04.

Il n’y aura pas de service de support le 05/04.