Authorisation processes of plant protection products in Europe

Scientific advice in the area of authorising plant-protection product processes

Following a request from the College of Commissioners, led by Commissioner Andriukaitis, the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors (HLG) adopted at their 7th meeting (23-24 March 2017) a scoping paper (see below) confirming their intention to produce a Scientific Opinion on “Authorisation processes of plant protection products in Europe from a scientific point of view”.

Experts from across Europe nominated by SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) are contributing with their knowledge and expertise to this topic.

Scientific Output

The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors has published its scientific opinion : 'EU authorisation processes of Plant Protection Products'.

The opinion makes recommendations on how to make the current EU dual system for approval and authorisation of PPP more transparent, effective and efficient. It also calls for a broad dialogue to establish an EU-wide shared vision for food production.


Related topic activities

SAM HLG held a Stakeholder meeting regarding 'Authorisation processes of plant protection products (PPP) in Europe' topic

23 February 2018, Brussels

A stakeholder meeting for the scientific opinion: Authorisation processes of plant protection products (PPP) in Europe, took place 23 February 2018 in Brussels. This meeting was complementary to the HLG’s consultations of scientific experts and included a presentation of the Evidence Review Report (ERR) prepared by the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) consortium.

The meeting was attended by, among others, representatives from consumer & civil society organisations; businesses; other relevant interest groups; policy representatives. These participants discussed the HLG’s preliminary recommendations for potential inclusion in their scientific opinion.

More information

Workshop on risk perception and acceptability of human exposure to pesticides

20 December 2017, Berlin

The workshop examined the ways in which public opinion on the risks resulting from pesticide use is formed, the role of media and interest groups and the transparency of the process for their authorisation. The workshop was attended by natural and social scientists, HLG members and representatives of regulatory agencies who discussed issues, among others, related to risk perception. The workshop was organised by SAPEA with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and was chaired by Professor Dr Ortwin Renn with opening and closing remarks by Sir Paul Nurse.


  • Meeting report under preparation by SAPEA

Expert meeting on the environmental impacts of PPP

19 December 2017, Berlin

The meeting examined the environmental impact of PPP as a complement to the more detailed SAPEA evidence review report which focuses primarily on human health. Participants examined options in the SAPEA ERR for their potential not only to benefit human health, but also the environment. The meeting was attended by experts from academia, representatives of regulatory agencies, members of the SAPEA WG and members of the SAM HLG.

The meeting was chaired by Sir Paul Nurse.


Expert workshop on authorisation processes of PPP in Europe

26 October 2017, Brussels

Following agreement with SAPEA at the 7th plenary HLG meeting (23 and 24 March, 2017), and discussion in subsequent HLG meetings, SAPEA contributes to the evidence review process on this topic with the production of an evidence review report (ERR), primarily focused on aspects related to human health. The development of that ERR included an expert workshop on 26 October 2017 in Brussels. Workshop participants included SAM HLG members, SAPEA Working Group members and additional invited experts, and was chaired by Dr Evangelia Ntzani and Professor David Coggon with opening remarks by the chair of the HLG, Professor Rolf Heuer. The workshop examined scientific advances that may enable the improved regulatory risk assessment of PPP in the immediate and longer term future.


  • Meeting report under preparation by SAPEA