Adaptation to climate change-related health effects in Europe

Measures to strengthen the resilience of the European health sector in view of climate change

The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors have adopted a Scoping paper (PDF icon 612 KB) for the topic “Adaptation to climate change-related health effects in Europe” during their 19th plenary meeting, 24 September 2019. The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors will answer the following question:

Which adaptation measures could strengthen the resilience of the health sector in Europe in view of climate change? The Opinion will give special regard to vulnerable groups, regions and the urban environment, considering specifically impacts from vector-borne infectious diseases and heat and heat waves

The Opinion is restricted to human health, with a focus on Europe within a global context.

The Opinion will consider the evidence on the various health impacts and the effectiveness of adaptive measures, and possibilities for co-beneficial health gains of the integration of mitigation measures in a cross-sectoral comprehensive way. Based on this the opinion will propose policy recommendations for adaptation measures at EU level.

The Scientific Opinion will be published in spring 2020.


Related topic activities

The Opinion will be informed by input from scientific experts, gathered from the literature and during expert workshops. This includes the following activities:

Meetings with EASAC

Meetings with experts from EASAC, during preparation of the report EASAC policy report 38: The imperative of climate action to protect human health in Europe

Expert workshop “Climate Change and Health”

7 June 2019, Brussels
Workshop with contributions from experts nominated by SAPEA, authors of the major WHO, EASAC and Lancet Countdown reports as well as representatives of Commission Services and Agencies as observers.

Expert workshop “Adaptation to impacts of climate change on health”

24 September, Brussels
Focused workshop with experts on climate change adaptation, representatives of Commission services and five Advisors.