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TOPIC : Power GearBox (PGB) for Ultra High Propulsive Efficiency (UHPE) Demonstrator for Short/Medium Range Aircraft

Topic identifier: JTI-CS2-CPW-ENG-01-02
Publication date: 09 July 2014

Types of action: CS2-IA Innovation action
Opening date:
09 July 2014
Deadline: 05 November 2014 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)
  Horizon 2020
Topic Description

This topic includes design, manufacturing, instrumentation and rig test of the alternative Power GearBox Module (PGB) for UHPE Ground Test Demo (GTD). Innovation is required for this high power high density PGB in order to get a significant advantage versus competition in terms of weight.

Please refer for the full and formal topic description to Annex I of the Clean Sky 2 Work Plan 2014-2015 (see under the tab "Topic Conditions and Documents")

Topic conditions and documents

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.
The budget breakdown for this call is given in the topic list (see below for section 8: Clean Sky Additional Documents).

  1. List of countries and applicable rules for funding:
    Described in part A of the General Annexes of the Clean Sky 2 JU Work Plan 2014/2015.

  2. Eligibility and admissibility conditions:
    Described in parts B & C of the General Annexes of the  Clean Sky 2 JU Work Plan 2014/2015.

  3. Evaluation

    3.1  Evaluation criteria and procedure, scoring and threshold:
    Described in part F of the General Annexes of the Clean Sky 2 JU Work Plan 2014/2015.

    3.2 Guide to the submission and evaluation process
    Clean Sky 2 Rules for submission, evaluation, selection, award and review procedures of calls for Core Partners

  4. Proposal page limits and layout:
    For Part B of the proposal the limit is 50 pages. A template for Part B is provided in section 6 (below).

  5. Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement:
    Signature of grant agreements: maximum 8 months from the date of closure of the call.

  6. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms:
    Clean Sky 2 Innovation Action (CS2-IA)
    Specific provisions and funding rates
    Standard proposal template
    Standard evaluation form
    Clean Sky 2 JU Model Grant Agreement for Members

  7. Additional provisions:
    Clean Sky 2 Budget Flexibility:
    See Part G of the General Annexes of the Clean Sky 2 JU Work Plan 2014/2015.
  8.  JTIs additional documents
    Clean Sky 2 Summary list of topics in the call 2014
    Clean Sky 2 Joint Technical Programme
    Clean Sky 2 JU Financial Rules
    Clean Sky 2 JU Regulation of establishment
Additional documents

  • The full set of documents can be accessed via the links under each individual topic. Only the most important general documents are listed below.
  • Model Consortium Agreement en
  • Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement en
  • Clean Sky 2 JU Model Grant Agreement for Members en
  • Rules for submission, evaluation, selection, award and review procedures of Calls for Core Partners en
  • Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking Work Plan 2014 - 2015 en
  • Release 6 of the Questions and Answers Document: 16 October 2014 en

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