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RISE - Research, Innovation and Science Policy Experts

The European Commission set up the "Research, Innovation, and Science Policy Experts" (RISE) high level group (HLG) in June 2014, and renewed its mandate and membership in January 2016. The Innovation Union initiative , the Europe 2020 strategy (read also A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth PDF icon) and the Innovation Union flagship initiative (  PDF icon 202 KB ), provide the policy rationale for RISE. The Horizon 2020, 2014-2015 Work Programme PDF icon and 2016-2017 Work Programme PDF icon provide its financing base.

Photo of the Group
The RISE Expert Group with Commissioner Moedas, January 2016

RISE gives direct strategic support to the European Commissioner for research, innovation, and science, Carlos Moedas, and to the European Commission. It focuses on how to best use EU research, innovation, and science policy to address the European growth model and to create the conditions for a different type of growth, a growth that is smart, sustainable, and socially inclusive for the EU and associated countries within a globalized world.

In its new setup, RISE is structured along the three policy priorities of EU Research and Innovation –Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World - with additional reflection on economic impact building on Open Knowledge Markets. This is why the group is divided into sub-groups, delivering on specific topics.

The Open Innovation advisory group of RISE is working in particular on the concept for European Innovation Council, on use of financial instruments for innovation support and on the interplay between regulation and innovation.

The Open Science advisory group works on how to create a culture for OS to flourish, by removing barriers and promoting incentives in research funding, career advancement and publishing, by embedding Open Access, Open Data and Research Integrity.

The Open to the World advisory group works on science diplomacy and international cooperation for global challenges and contributes to deepening of the international dimension across R&I policies.

Finally, the Open Knowledge Markets advisory group works on economic impact of R&I, including new concepts and measuring of innovation and the regulatory framework for research and innovation.


Earlier work of RISE (June 2014-2015)

RISE has exchanged ideas and developed new policy concepts in meetings and workshops, issuing Policy Briefs and Policy Papers to support Commissioner Moedas and his team in their policymaking and agenda-setting process. The work of the group in 2015 touched upon key elements of R&I policy, including the value of investing in R&I and the importance of a strong science base for knowledge transformation. It elaborated upon the framework conditions for Open Innovation and gave special consideration to emerging trends, including Open Science; it also explored the global dimension of the European Research Area.


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