Open Science Monitor

This supports open science initiatives in Europe by providing a way to assess developments and trends in open science, over time and comparatively. Explanation of the monitor, access to publications, open data, communication, citizen science and drivers/barriers

Open science represents an approach to research that is collaborative, transparent and accessible. Open science occurs across the research process and there are many different activities that can be considered part of this evolution in science. The open science monitor tracks trends in areas that have consistent and reliable data.


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* These indicators are for both open access to publications and open scholarly communication.


The Open Science Monitor was developed by RAND Europe with the support of Deloitte and Digital Science & Research Solutions, including and figshare. The project was commissioned by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and received funding under specific contract 2015/RTD/A6/SC/PP-02741-2015 (under the Framework Contract ‘Provision of Services in the Field of Research Evaluation and Research Policy Analysis’ Lot 2: Data collection and performance indicators to monitor European research policy 2010/S 172-262618.)
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