SoMoPro is a pilot programme planned for four years (2009 - 2013) with an overall budget of 3 887 158 EUR, 60% of which will be financed by regional public sources (Region of South Moravia) and remaining 40% is co-funded by the European Commission through the Marie Curie Actions (COFUND project). It was designed to attract skilled researchers from Czech Republic and abroad to come and carry out their work in South Moravia.

The idea behind COFUND is simple: to leverage and structure the impact of funding in research in Europe. In the case of SoMoPro, institutions involved in the project go from South Moravian Region to the Masaryk University, from the Czech Rectors Conference and the University of Technology in Brno to the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility.

The projects they fund also cover a wide range of disciplines with projects on:

  • regulation and function of P-TEFb complexes
  • protein-carbohydrate interactions: pathogen recognition phenomena
  • noise in semiconductor detectors of X-ray and gamma ray radiation
  • fine-tuning of haloalkane dehalogenases by access tunnels re-engineering
  • development of zygotic and somatic embryos in conifers - from basic studies to practical application
  • synthesis of self-organized, templated and surface-supported metal and metal-oxide nanostructures for being used in advanced micro- and nanodevices.

Do not worry too much if you do not get all of them. Thanks to SoMoPro, excellent researchers are on the case.

Now on its third iteration SoMoPro 3 will run until 2020.

Website: SOMOPRO