From wireless laptops to satellite phones, communication technology has transformed the world into a global village and provided access to a wealth of information. Multi-carrier (MC) transmission technology can meet users’ ever increasing demand for improved digital data transfer. Novel advances in this field are promising users all the bandwidth they desire, although intense research is still needed in this area.

The EU-funded Realmars (1) project is examining one way of improving antenna efficiency. It is focusing in particular on a technology called ‘Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing’ (OFDM), currently used in many wireless platforms such as WiMAX and GSM. The project’s focus is on how to upgrade the adaptive antenna systems of OFDM. It is working on signal strength by improving estimation of angles of arrival (AOA) and creating more possibilities for location-based services. The latter are becoming very important in high-tech applications (e.g. in medical and security fields), requiring the development of better estimation algorithms. Realmars is therefore working on location estimation techniques that will result in more accurate high-resolution MC systems and enhance transmission accuracy.

The project team is developing a ‘toolbox’ that is easy to use and will improve location estimation, currently a pivotal topic in wireless technology. It will facilitate applications such as cellular-based advertising to emergency services. The business, marketing and high-tech applications benefiting from this project are numerous, and the toolbox will help Europe remain at the forefront of this technology.

Coordinator: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi - Turkey

(1) ‘Research on location estimation in multi-carrier systems’.