With a total budget of EUR 442 million, the European Commission will support 123 Innovative Training Networks (ITN) involving 1 271 organisations in 51 countries. These 123 projects will not only offer top-notch research and training opportunities around the globe to more than 1 600 researchers in the early stage of their career. They will also contribute to increasing the overall quality and innovation of the doctoral training in Europe and beyond.


In total, 1 650 eligible proposals were submitted to this call for ITN, which results in a success rate of 7.4%.


The selected projects cover a variety of research areas such as:


  • Medicine – with the PoLiMeR project that opens possibilities for the application of novel drugs and diagnostic tools for liver-related diseases;
  • Migrations – with the MOVES project that aims to provide a historically analysis of the social and cultural roots of mass mobility;
  • Farm management – aiming to maximise its positive impact on the environment and to improve human health (HEARTLAND project);
  • Neonatal brain monitoring – implemented by the INFANS project;
  • Cultural heritage – analysing data within CHANGE project in order to plan necessary conservation works or slow down deterioration processes.


Download the full list of selected projects: