International Cooperation

Main tasks

  • Systematically sharing and structuring information on S&T cooperation activities and objectives (whether ongoing or planned) of the various partners
  • Pooling relevant knowledge concerning third countries, in particular analyses of their S&T resources and capabilities
  • Ensuring regular consultation between the partners in order to identify their respective objectives and common priorities in terms of S&T cooperation with third countries ("what and with whom?")
  • Where appropriate, coordinating activities of a similar nature implemented by Member States and the European Union (with variable geometry)
  • If necessary, proposing initiatives to be implemented with appropriate ways and means
  • Networking of Member States' and the Commission's scientific advisors in key third countries

Read more: Council conclusions concerning a European partnership for international scientific and technological cooperation


SFIC is composed by the European Commission, all European Union Member States and several non-EU countries as observers. The Secretariat is provided by the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and is chaired by an EU Member State, designated for a period of 2 years.

The work of the SFIC can be followed through their work programmes and annual reports to the Council and the Commission.


Background documents


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