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09 june 2017

New publications : NanoData Landscape Compilation Reports – June 2017

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The reports offer a snapshot of the environment for nanotechnology in different application fields: Construction, energy, environment, health, ICT, manufacturing, photonics and transport.

They describe policies and programmes for nanotechnology in the EU and give an overview of publications, patenting, research & innovation, industry, products and markets.

The eight reports can be downloaded from the EU Law and Publications

16 May 2017

Industrial Innovation Info Days 2017 – Brussels, 3-4 October 2017

This event is organised by the European Commission with support of external stakeholders.

The programme will consist of plenary sessions with key notes by high level speakers, and parallel sessions with a focus on upcoming challenges for the next work programme on Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology.

New project ideas can be presented by the participants during the brokerage sessions.

15 May 2017

Infographics of the Public-Private Partnerships on Factories of the Future (FoF), Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE)

The EU and industry join forces to tackle challenges in the manufacturing, process and construction sectors.

Check the infographics to learn more about concrete achievements from EU funded projects in strengthening EU industrial competitiveness, and improving energy efficiency of buildings.

Full infographics can be downloaded from the Europa website.

28 April 2017

New publications in the area of Key Enabling Technologies :

  • Study on frugal innovation and reengineering of traditional techniques
    • Frugal innovation is an inclusive approach by which you get more value from fewer resources than with the traditional approach. Smart frugal solutions can bring products and services that respond better to the customer needs, and have better quality than commonly available cheap mass produce. This study explores the potential of frugal innovation for Europe.

  • From advanced materials research to innovation and growth – workshop final report
    • On 22 March 2017, a Commission workshop was organised in Brussels to look into technology-driven investment strategies and future market opportunities for advanced materials.
      Specialists in venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) investment and research policy makers took part in it.
      Their conclusions will feed into future research policies that will consider the economic, technical, social and ecological impact of specific technologies and novel materials.

  • Additive manufacturing in FP7 and Horizon 2020
    • Additive Manufacturing (AM), including 3D-Printing has received European Union (EU) funding since the first Framework Programme for Research & Innovation. It is one of the potential game changers that, for some applications, has already reached a tipping point of maturity. The aim of the workshop was to identify the needs and challenges of the AM sector and to discuss how EU policy measures could enhance its competitiveness.

  • The future of European Steel
    • Steel is central to modern economies and is associated to growth and progress. As second world largest steel producer, the EU is challenged by global competition and environmental constraints.
      This publication, explains how, beyond trade defence instruments, Europe has to push for incremental innovations and technological breakthroughs in a sustainable development context.

  • What makes a material function ? Review of materials modelling
    • Modelling is a powerful tool that supports materials research in the development of novel or improved applications.
      This Review of Materials Modelling defines the necessary concepts and proposes names which harmonise the language of modelling subfields.

    27 February 2017

    New Publication: Industry in Europe – Facts & figures on competitiveness & innovation

    Publication cover

    "Industry matters – one in five jobs is in industry. New technologies bring rapid changes and are breaking down the barriers between supply chains, customers and business. Europe must continually innovate to remain competitive in a global market place."




    23 February 2017

    The Gateway to a Greener Industry – How to invest in clean technologies

    the gateway tp a green industry

    21 February 2017

    Workshop "Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials for Regional Growth – The Challenge of upscaling" – results and next steps

    Over 80 people gathered in Brussels on 9 February to discuss the state of play and future developments of the pilot lines for upscaling nanotechnologies and advanced materials for regional growth.

    This workshop gave the participants the opportunity to be actively engaged in the process of collecting ideas for future activities and priorities for the 2018-2020 programming period.

    Participants unanimously called for another meeting, in 6 months from now. A summary of the workshop highlights will be made available shortly.

    All presentations and the list of Pilots projects can be found on the workshop web page.


    06 february 2017

    Launching European Remanufacturing Council

    Photo of customers in shop

    EU funded European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) project launches European Remanufacturing Council to make remanufacturing a normal part of a product’s life cycle.




    23 January 2017

    Results of the Public Consultation on the Joint Programming on Metrology Research (EMRP and EMPIR)

    From 1 July to 7 October 2016 stakeholders, experts active in the field and the wider public were invited to give their views on the implementation of the EMRP and EMPIR Programmes. These views will contribute to the interim evaluation of the EMPIR programme and final evaluation of the EMRP Programme.

    The results of the consultation are now available here. [PDF icon 783kb]

    More information about the Metrology Consultation


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