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FP7 in Brief illustration from FP7 in Brief brochure How to get involved in the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research

How to apply for funding

'Work Programmes' and 'Calls for Proposals'

The concrete plans for implementing the Specific Programmes (see above) are announced by the European Commission in annual 'Work Programmes'. These work programmes include the schedule of 'Calls for Proposals', commonly known just as 'Calls', to be published during the year. Each Call usually covers specific research areas, and you may have to wait until the publication of a Call which covers your exact area of interest.

How will I know when a Call for Proposals is issued?

All Calls are announced in the EU's Official Journal (which is the official source of EU documents). The annual work programmes and the full texts of the Calls are published on the FP7 section of CORDIS, the web site dedicated to EU-supported research.

CORDIS is continuously updated with the latest information on Calls for proposals, as well as other information and services related to Community research. CORDIS will help you find information - and plan your proposal.

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