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How to respond to a Call

Submit your proposal

You respond to a Call by submitting your proposal. Proposals may be submitted at any time after a Call opens, until the deadline. The Guide for Applicants (also published on CORDIS) will guide you through the process, and point you towards other useful documents. A Web-based electronic online tool called EPSS ('Electronic Proposal Submission Service') is the obligatory channel for submission of proposals.

What happens after I submit a proposal?

After the deadline for the Call, all the proposals submitted are evaluated by a panel of independent evaluators, who are recognized specialists in the relevant fields. The panel will check the proposals against a published set of criteria to see if the quality of research proposed is worthy of funding.

The key criteria used for this evaluation are explained in the Guide for Applicants.

And if my proposal is accepted?

For successful proposals, the European Commission enters into financial and scientific/technical negotiations with your consortium on the details of the project. Finally, a grant agreement between each participant and the Commission is drawn up. This sets out the rights and obligations of the beneficiaries and the European Community, including the EU's financial contribution to your research costs.

For additional information on all issues related to Calls (including step-by-step advice on how to submit a proposal, eligibility criteria, evaluations, Intellectual Property issues, etc.), please refer to the Guide for Applicants, available from CORDIS at

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