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Vice-Mayor City of Groningen: Transport and Traffic, Innovation, Economic and International Affairs

Joost van Keulen is Alderman and Vice-Mayor in de City of Groningen(People's Party for Freedom and Democracy). In his portfolio: Transport and Traffic, Innovation and Economic Affairs, Internationalisation, Inner-City and Culture Change.

Before that he took up experience as communication officer at the Insurance company Aegon.

The city of Groningen is one of the three finalists for the iCapital Award. Groningen Submitted the plan ‘Groningen Smart Energy City’. The Groningen credo is that we can tackle global challenges with local solutions. The city makes significant efforts to take the Smart Energy cluster to the next level and become a Global guide city for sustainable energy developments. Citizens themselves will need to get access to energy markets. This will revolutionize our energy system.

The City of Groningen is known for its innovative climate and young characteristics. It is the major city of the Northern Netherlands with a population of 196,000 inhabitants. Groningen has a university, a university of applied sciences, a school for fine art and design, and many more training institutes. Because of all these institutes, half the population is under 35, allowing Groningen to be able to call itself the “youngest” city of the Netherlands. Besides being a university city, Groningen is also at the leading edge in research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. In other words, Groningen is a real City of Talent

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