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ERC Starting Grant and Proof of Concept Grantee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Erik Lindahl received a PhD in theoretical biophysics in Stockholm in 2001, after which he has worked with Hermann Berendsen & Alan Mark at Groningen University (NL), Michael Levitt & Vijay Pande at Stanford University (US) and Mark Delarue at the Pasteur Institute (FR). In 2004 he accepted a position as assistant professor and later associate professor at Stockholm University, and he received an ERC starting grant in the first round 2007 after which they have participated in a number of research and infrastructure projects in FP7. Currently, he heads a research division as professor of biophysics at the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics at Stockholm University, with a dual appointment as professor of theoretical biophysics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Since 2011 Lindahl is also a member of the Swedish Young Academy. The team’s main research theme concerns ion channels, in particular molecular simulations – and they have written the GROMACS molecular simulation package.


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