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Jennie YEUNG

President & Founder, United Nations Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation

Ms. Jennie Yeung was born in Hong Kong. She was one of the youngest and most accomplished innovative corporate banking vice presidents of Citigroup in Asia Pacific when she was at the age of 28 in HK. She was sent to New York for Citigroup’s Special People Development program in 1990, and served as Senior International Banker in Indonesia until 1993. Since 1993 Ms. Yeung served as Group CFO, Corporate Finance Director and Financial Advisor of leading conglomerates and partnership of the First Family in Indonesia. Since 2001, she has been serving as advisor to businesses, social communities and governments.

Ms Yeung is a graduate of U of Toronto (B.Sc.), China Europe International Business School (MBA), New York University Real Estate Institute (M.Sc.), and Harvard Business School (PGL). She is also a graduate holding International Scholarship of Parson School of Design (AAS), and a Certified Stylist of New York Fashion Institute of Technology. Ms. Yeung is an on-camera artist from New York Film Academy by training speaking five languages and dialects.

In New York, since 2001 Ms. Yeung served in the New York Community Partners of Harvard Business School advising the board and senior management of NPOs in NY, and had served on the Board of Advisors during 2003-2007. In 2007 she founded Beautiful Life Development Plan with cultural and education programs, which was subsequently registered as a global NPO/NGO under UN DESA as UN Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation (UNESCHAF) after being a long term partner and advisor to UNESCO Education for Sustainable Education (ESD) for China, and 100 Year Starship of NASA/DARPA chaired by Dr. Mae Jemison, First lady of color to space; and Voices of African Mothers, a UN ECOSOC Consultative Status NGO chaired by First Lady of Equatorial Guinea that as founded by a former UN Peace Force Executive Nana Randall. UNESCHAF is working closer to the European, Arabian and African countries in 2014.. In China, Ms. Yeung is an Overseas Committee Member of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Federation; Honorary Advisor of Ministry of Culture Youth & Children Culture & Arts Foundation, Chief International Development Representative of Sun Zhong Shan Foundation, International Chief Representative of China PRC Communist Party Building Institute of Arts, China Chief Representative of Chinese Cross-Strait Leaders Association; and, Special Invited Fellow Researcher of China Int’l Economic Development Institute. Investment programs to support the innovative and creative solutions for improving social and economic development thru cultural, education, science, health, environment and agriculture programs are being planned for launching in 2014.

Ms. Yeung was voted as one of the top two women distinguished leaders of the 15th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Award of China Europe International Business School. She was also awarded as China Industry Influential Figure; China 60th Anniversary National Economic Development Top Ten Distinguished Founding Figure; International Charity Celebrity Award; The World Expo UN Pavilion China Low Carbon Journey Brand Charismatic Ambassador of Pride etc. Ms. Yeung is a special invited reporter and editor for People’s Daily International Finance News, and Director of Programming of Washington DC TV. Her other media partners where include HK Satelite TV ( new European Channel),, and China Development and Reform Commission’s China Investment Magazine, China Industrial Economic Information Network Survey Channel, and China’s number one financial management magazine Money Weekly.

Web site: http://UNESCHAF.ORG


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