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Principal, 100 Year Starship, and former astronaut
United States of America

Dr. Mae C. Jemison leads 100 Year Starship. Fostering radical leaps in knowledge, technology design and human systems so that the capabilities for human travel beyond our solar system will exist within the next 100 years, the initiative was by seed-funded a competitive DARPA grant.

Drawing upon her career as a physician, engineer, innovator, academic, and entrepreneur—including NASA astronaut and world’s first woman of color in space—in 2012 she started building the multi-faceted organization to achieve the global commitment, scientific and technical support, social aspiration and financial framework to accomplish its vision—An Inclusive, Audacious Journey Transforms Life Here on Earth and Beyond.

Founder and president of The Jemison Group and BioSentient (1993, 2002) and Dartmouth College Environmental Studies professor (1995-2002), her work and teaching explores the intersection of technology and scientific R&D with sociocultural, economic realities and ranges from design of health satellite networks and solar dish Stirling engine distributed electricity generation to medical devices, sustainable technology and development in Africa.

She founded the Dorothy Jemison Foundation and its science camp The Earth We Share™ (1994) which builds science literacy and critical thinking in thousands of students and teachers worldwide. She is national advocate for Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense.

NASA astronaut, 1987-1993, among other duties, Jemison was astronaut liaison to Kennedy Space Center for shuttle thermal protection and payloads and flew on the Space Shuttle Endeavour Spacelab Japan mission in 1992. As Area Peace Corps Medical Officer (1983-1985) she ran health services for Peace Corps and the US State Department in Sierra Leone and Peace Corps in Liberia. She practiced medicine in Los Angeles (1982-1983 & 1985-1986).

A member of the Institute of Medicine, she is on the boards of major public companies, and chaired the TX State Product Development and Small Business Incubator Board, the Greater Houston Partnership Disaster Planning and Recovery Task Force and the TX State Life Sciences and Biotech Industry Cluster as well as serving on Morehouse College, Spelman College, and the NIH National Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering boards.

Jemison convened the Future, and edited its White Paper on public funding of science for the NSF’s 50th anniversary, has authored numerous articles, teen autobiography, Find Where the Wind Goes, and school science books. She hosted the World of Wonder TV series (1993), has been the subject of and narrated many documentaries and is a widely sought after speaker on science, creativity, and social responsibility. Her testimony to U.S. Congress was featured in Speeches of the Day (2012). Her many honors include the National Women’s Hall of Fame, the Kilby Science Award, honorary doctorates from Princeton and Harvey Mudd. She earned her B.S. in ChemEng and requirements for A.B. African and Afro-American Studies at Stanford and her M.D. from Cornell.

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