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Cofounder and CEO of Prezi

Peter loves technologies that enable world-changing stories to be shared. In 2008, he joined forces with Adam Somlai-Fischer and Péter Halácsy, an architect and an innovator, to create a more memorable and engaging way for people to share stories. Today, their creation is known as "Prezi."

Before co-founding Prezi, Peter was already active in the information-sharing realm. In Sweden, he founded a company that aggregates data on treatment outcomes for hospital patients. Soon after, he developed the world's first mobile newsreader so people could follow TED Talks from their mobile devices. Peter is also the author of "Developing the Business Case for a New Mobile Service: An Exercise in Business Model Designing."

Originally from Karlskoga, Sweden, Peter has lived and worked in Budapest, Tokyo, Stockholm, Singapore and San Francisco. His parents are Hungarian and he's the go-to translator at Prezi since he speaks Japanese, Swedish, Hungarian, and English. In his spare time, Peter enjoys prodding fellow colleagues to join him at Bikram Yoga classes.

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