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Gold Hall, 10/03/2014 (18:15-19:00)

This session will explore a novel idea that innovation has a potential to enhance participatory and democratic way of approaching societal challenges and creating an economic impact, which enables everybody to take part in this process. It will investigate the possibility to combine the desire to create change with the desire to run a business. In particular, the speakers will examine two facets of this topic.

On one hand, they will address the questions on how you can democratize innovation through a prize. How do you bring in those garage innovators and untouched populations to get them working on humanity's biggest challenges. How prizes are different from traditional grants and contracts where you already know the solver community.

On the other hand, speakers will tap into the differences between the European and the American mind-set. What should be changed in order to have more successful stories coming from Europe. How to stimulate people’s ability to take initiative and create development, for example in the IT sector. How to inspire more individuals take responsibility for a sustainable society and contribute to creating an economic impact.


Christopher FRANGIONE (Vice President of Prize Development, XPRIZE Foundation, United States of America), Speaker
Peter ARVAI (Cofounder and CEO of Prezi, Hungary), Speaker
Vivienne PARRY (Moderator - Science writer and broadcaster, United Kingdom), Moderator
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