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Hearing your genes evolve

Silver Hall, 10/03/2014 (18:15-19:00)

Discussion about development in DNA, and its implications on inherited genetic traits with reference to future health, is hugely topical. We are constantly questioning what makes up our genetic profiles.

Composer Deirdre Gribbin and scientist Dr Sarah Teichmann's yearlong collaboration at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge resulted in the creation of a string quartet "Hearing Your Genes Evolve".

A central aim of their work together was to demystify the scientific principles behind genetics and make them more meaningful to a wider audience. Through music, Gribbin uses fragments of DNA patterns from the "1000 Genomes" project. She created a number of musical dialogues between the four instruments in a string quartet, which represented variations in how the genetic code transforms and modifies as the components change.

This unique interplay creates a new form of dialogue between music, science and audience, illuminating an understanding of the ever-changing nature of what makes us.


Deirdre GRIBBIN (Composer), Speaker
Sarah TEICHMANN (Research Group Leader at EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom), Speaker

Moderator: Mr Jack Metthey

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