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The ERA Partnership as backbone of the European innovation eco-system(s)

Fringe session organised by the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER), Science Europe, NordForsk.

Studio 214/216, 10/03/2014 (14:00-15:15)

An efficient and effective European Research Area (ERA) is necessary for boosting innovation in Europe. During the session the following questions will be addressed: How to increase synergies between national research systems by making them more effective? How to exploit the innovation potential of transnational cooperation and competition in the best possible way? What are main issues for making careers in research and innovation in academia and business more attractive and how can researcher mobility be facilitated especially between science and industry? How to optimize gender diversity in academic and industrial research and innovation? Which steps are taken and will be necessary for stimulating circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge in order to foster innovation in Europe?

The session will provide insights into the individual and joint contributions of the ERA stakeholder organisations towards stimulating efficiency, excellence and growth in the European Research and Innovation Area.


  • Effective research systems as basis for European competitiveness and innovation
  • Nordic research cooperation fostering innovation
  • Promoting human resources for research and innovation for reaching the Europe 2020 targets
  • Optimizing gender diversity in academic and industrial research and innovation
  • RTOs supporting European industry to keep Europe's competitive advantage
  • Stimulating access to and transfer of knowledge between university and industry


  • Ms Amanda Crowfoot, Director, Science Europe
  • Dr. Riitta Mustonen, Deputy Director, NordForsk
  • Prof. Karel Luyben, President, CESAER – Conference of European Schools of Advanced Engineering Education and Research
  • Dr. Katrien Maes, Chief Policy Officer LERU – League of European Research Universities
  • Dr. Wolfgang Pribyl, CEO, Joanneum Research, Austria, and member of EARTO - European Association of Research and Technology Organisations
  • Prof. Maria Helena Nazaré, President, EUA - European University Association

Moderator: Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior CEO Advisor at Volvo Group, Chairman of RTI Working Group, Industrial Affairs Committee, Business Europe

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