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Innovation and Social Economy: A solid response to the need for job creation?

Fringe session organised by the European Network of the Foundations for Social Economy (PEFONDES)

Studio 201, 11/03/2014 (11:15-12:30)

Social economy organizations such as cooperatives, non-profits, mutual benefit groups, foundations, and non-governmental organizations are uniquely positioned to respond not only to emerging social and economic needs, but also to new collective aspirations. A pioneering social economy system has been developed that is recognized worldwide for its ability to foster innovative solutions to economic disparity and sustainability issues. In the wake of a global crisis that has emphasized the growing gap between economic and social concerns, what can EU regions gain from this model?

The workshop will look at the innovation from the Social Economy view, the analysis of some of the best practices, the promotion of a democratic and sustainable model and the high-quality job creation.


  • PEFONDES: Ms Sophie Chiha
  • INNOVES: Mr Eugenio Hinojosa
  • Tadem Social: Mr Jaume Oller

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