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Innovation Café: "Global challenges, global collaboration"

Copper Hall, 10/03/2014 (14:00-15:15)

The innovation café format has the broadest scope among the Convention sessions and the widest range of speakers from public and private sector backgrounds. This café will provide visionary views on methods to strengthen global collaboration in research and innovation to confront and respond to global challenges. It will also discuss what has worked and where the main obstacles mainly lie, the benefits/risks of global collaboration and the possibilities for strengthening research collaboration within economic competition.


Derek HANEKOM (South African Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa), Speaker
Jennie YEUNG (President & Founder, United Nations Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation , China), Speaker
Lino BARAÑAO (Argentinean Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation), Speaker
Eddie Bernice JOHNSON (Congresswoman, U.S. House of Representatives - Ranking Member, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, United States of America), Speaker
Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON (President of the European Research Council, France), Speaker
Vivienne PARRY (Moderator - Science writer and broadcaster, United Kingdom), Moderator
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