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Which markets? Choose the future

Copper Hall, 10/03/2014 (17:00-18:15)

In the future the world will undergo a big transition thanks to an ageing society, growing global competition and energy & environmental problems. New technologies are arriving faster than ever and hold the promise of solving many of these challenges. This session will focus on three emerging markets: health (biotechnology), energy, and ICT (3D). Speakers will introduce the nature of their company's operation, highlighting major achievements, future developments and opportunities to respond to grand societal challenges. Speakers will then discuss the competitive advantage and potential of the market, obstacles to its creation and the need, or not, for regulations, while trying to convince the audience that their market is the one of the future. This will be the most interactive session of the Convention: following the presentations and discussion, participants will be asked to vote for the most promising market.


Henri WINAND (CEO of Intelligent Energy, United Kingdom), Speaker
Wilfried VANCRAEN (Founder and CEO of Materialise, Belgium), Speaker
Claus FUGLSANG (Vice President BioEnergy R&D, Novozymes), Speaker
Jacki DAVIS (Journalist and moderator), Moderator
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