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What if…

Copper Hall, 11/03/2014 (09:30-10:45)

Innovation is a key driver of value creation and competitive advantage. Yet many company managers prefer to pursue incremental improvements rather than game-changing innovations. Some would argue that only individual entrepreneurs and start-ups can afford to run the risk of failure, and that large corporations need to take a more cautious risk management approach. Others would say that it is rather a matter of corporate culture and leadership. This session will focus on the challenges of innovation in general and innovation management in particular. Each speaker will address a topic according to their background and deliver a TED-style talk.


Peter VESTERBACKA (Chief Marketing Officer and Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment, Finland), What if… games were educational?
Gabi ZEDLMAYER (Vice President and Chief Progress Officer, Hewlett-Packard Corporate Affairs, United States of America), What if… business goes social?
Won Pyo HONG (President and Head of Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics), Speaker

Moderator: Dr. Peter Dröll

ID: 12267

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