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Are we alone in the Universe? Can humans become inter-planetary?

Silver Hall, 10/03/2014 (14:00-15:15)

Recent announcements by astronomers concerning habitable planets have fostered speculation about whether we are alone in the universe and whether humans can become inter-planetary. How can we create self-sustaining human environments enabling life in space and on other planetary surfaces? How can we develop systems that provide rapid, efficient and affordable transportation? The speakers will discuss important challenges for Space Technologies related to space transportation and exploration.


Seth SHOSTAK (Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute, United States of America), Speaker
Suzanne AIGRAIN (Lecturer in Astrophysics in Oxford, United Kingdom), Speaker
Mae JEMISON (Principal, 100 Year Starship, and former astronaut, United States of America), Speaker
Dara O'BRIAIN (Stand-up comedian and television presenter, Ireland), Moderator
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