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Professor Carlos Campos Morais

Professor Carlos Campos Morais

Principal Research Officer in LNEC (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil)

National Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

Av do Brasil, 101

1700- 066 LISBOA



Tel: +351 21 8443.493



Degree of Expert in Maritime Hydraulics (1971) and in Integrated Information Systems (1983) from the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) in Lisbon.
He is a Senior Principal Researcher since 1983. 


President of the National Institute for Engineering and Industrial Technology (INETI).


Founder of a new University (Universidade Atlântica at Oeiras/Barcarena), where he acted as a full Professor, President, Vice Rector, Coordinator of the Information Systems and Technologies Management Course.


National delegate on the Management Committee on Telematic Applications within the 4th FWP and evaluator and expert on the Telematic Applications Programme and the European Programme on Libraries.


Founded and first President of the Information Technology Quality Commission, within the National Quality Council.


Executive founder and director of the National Foundation on Scientific Computation (FCCN - Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional), responsible for supercomputing facility (1989 -1993), the emergence of Internet in Portugal (1994) and the implementation of the Portuguese Academic Computing Network (RCCN - Rede da Comunidade Científica Nacional).


Created, directed and managed LNEC Computer Science Centre, promoting and coordinating R&D projects in Civil Engineering related problems, using Artificial Intelligence, Digital Imaging Processing, Graphics and Data Bases.


R&D in the fields of Maritime Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering.

Carlos Campos Morais is the author of 80 papers and permanent member of the Academy of Engineering.

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