Policy topics

Focus areas for research and innovation on environment

The European environmental research and innovation policy addresses global challenges of pivotal importance for the well-being of the European citizens within a context of sustainable development and environmental protection. The final aim is to define and implement a transformative agenda to “green” both the economy and the society, so to make development sustainable in Europe and beyond.



Climate action

Informed decisions for a climate-resilient low-carbon society. Read more

Cultural heritage

Engaging a new cultural heritage agenda for economic growth. Read more


Earth observations

Crucial info on climate, energy, natural hazards and other societal challenges. Read more

Forest fires

What research the EU is doing to prevent forest fires. Read more


Nature-based solutions

Providing viable solutions of natural ecosystems. Read more

Systemic eco-innovation

Generating and sharing economic and environmental benefits. Read more


Plastics in a circular economy

The Commission’s plan for plastics. Read more