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Welcome to Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020, which was launched in December 2013, is the biggest EU research programme to date. Some €79 billion of funding is available for 2014-2020.

Energy research and innovation is one of the key priorities in Horizon 2020.  Addressing the key societal challenge "Secure, clean and efficient energy" (pdf icon 1.6 MB) it has been conceived to support the transition to a reliable, sustainable and competitive energy system.

There is also a separate but complementary programme for nuclear energy (pdf icon 1 MB) research activities adopted under the Euratom Treaty.

Horizon 2020 will dedicate €5 931 million to non-nuclear energy research for the period 2014-2020 and €1 603 million to nuclear research for the period 2014-2018.

The integrated SET Plan – putting research and innovation at the heart of the Energy Union

On 15 September 2015 the Commission adopted the Communication on the Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. It is the first research and innovation deliverable on which the Energy Union will be built.

The new SET Plan will help address the challenges which must be met for the transformation of the EU's energy system. It puts forward a more targeted focus with ten actions structured around the research and innovation priorities of the Energy Union.

These ten actions, which correspond with the Integrated Roadmap (pdf icon 2.76 MB) will help to implement the research and innovation priorities of the Energy Union to:

  • become the global leader in renewable energy;
  • facilitate consumer participation and accelerate the progress to a smart energy system;
  • develop and reinforce energy efficient systems;
  • diversify and strengthen options for sustainable transport;
  • drive ambition in carbon capture and storage deployment;
  • increase safety in the use of nuclear energy.

In order to increase the cooperation and coordination between Member States, industry and research institutions, a new management structure will be put in place. It will ensure an increased transparency, accountability and monitoring of the progress achieved, as well as result-oriented approach.


Cooking a dinner, heating a house, lighting a street, keeping a hospital open, running a factory – all these require energy. Energy is thus at the heart of everybody's quality of life and a crucial factor for economic competiveness and employment... read more