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Joint Programming Initiative

What is the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI)?

The joint programming concept was introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 to support implementation of the European Research Area. The objective of joint programming is to ‘increase the value of relevant national and EU R&D funding by concerted and joint planning, implementation and evaluation of national research programmes’.

Read more about JPI on the European Research Area website.

JPI on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

A key objective of joint programming by several Member States in the areas of agriculture, food security and climate change is to integrate the various approaches to sustainable production systems from the land and the sea and to create a framework for future research activities. The size of the problem requires long-term research.

The aim is to identify and promote measures providing the co-benefits of reducing emissions and increasing the resilience of farming, forestry and biodiversity to climate change.

Scientific challenges include:

  1. To increase the delivery of food security, feed, fibre and other services under changing climate conditions.
  2. To contribute to the areas of carbon sequestration, renewable energy and the mitigation of N2O and CH4 emissions.
  3. To investigate:
    • The possibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by means of specific cultivation systems and management options.
    • Trade-offs between carbon-optimised land management, food production and the preservation of biodiversity and other ecosystem functions and services.
    • General socio-economic conditions and the consequences of the integration of climate protection goals in land-use decisions.
    • The development of robust methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of ecosystem functions and services, and for determining the resilience of specified ecosystems.
    • The dependence of ecosystem functions and services on biodiversity, climate change and land management.
    • The development of socio-economic tools for exploring ecosystem functioning/services in land management.

A major knowledge objective is the integration of a large range of disciplines, including climatology, ecology, biology, agronomy, forestry, social sciences, and the plant, soil and animal sciences. These will be strongly connected around a central pillar of agro-ecological modelling.

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Read the Proposal for a Commission Recommendation on a Joint Programming Initiative on ‘Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change’ on the DG Research and Innovation Citizens' summaries webpage

JPI on Food and Health

This Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) aims to develop and implement a research programme on the interplay of factors known to affect diet-related diseases and to discover new factors, mechanisms and strategies. It will also contribute to the development of actions, policies, and innovative products and diets, with the aim of drastically reducing the burden of diet-related diseases.

Most EU Member States already require their health agencies to promote good health through a well-balanced diet, the control of food-borne diseases and the promotion of physical activity. However, an integrated multi-sectoral approach, embracing education, healthcare, agriculture, the environment, the food and drink industry, transport, advertising and commerce, is essential for putting food, nutrition and public health policy – and the evidence from research – high on the political agenda such that it will have a lasting impact. Joint programming will benefit Member States, European research programme managers, Europe’s scientists, the food industry and consumers because it will:

  • make it easier to address common challenges together, to develop common solutions and to speak with one voice in the international arena on food and nutrition policy; and
  • develop suitable methodologies and research protocols and standards.

Read more on JPI on Food and Health Vision Paper pdf - 806 KB [806 KB]