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Report on discrimination of Roma children in Education

Year: 2014
Author: Lillia Farkas
Country: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain
Language: English
Short summary In this report the European Commission focuses on discrimination faced by Roma children within the educational systems of European Union member states. Countries examined include: the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. The report pays particular attention to the fact that many Roma children experience discrimination in the form of segregation. Whether segregation is intentional or accidental (and the product of circumstance), the law is clear: segregation itself constitutes discrimination and as such violates children's rights. The report also provides details of several court cases in which Roma rights agencies have brought cases against governments and won. Segregation of Roma is disempowering, especially when this segregation takes the form of being placed in special schools for the mentally disabled when the Roma child in question is not mentally disabled. While the findings of this report are in many ways dispiriting, there is a message of hope. The European Union now requires member states to develop and implement National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS) and, aside from this, there are many other projects which are designed to empower the Roma community and facilitate equal access to such social goods as housing, health care, employment and education.
Research body name: European Network of Legal Experts in the Field of Non-discrimination
Research body type: International NGO
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Research type: Situation analyses
Methodology: Survey, Statistical analysis, Literature review
Approach: Linked to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Child focus, Roma focus, Multi-stakeholder involvement, Holistic approach
Age group:
Main topics: Child protection, Discrimination, Education
Topics: De-institutionalization, Access to justice, Stigma and discrimination, Multiple discrimination (disability, LGTBI, gender, migration), Social attitudes, Access to education, Inclusive education, Quality education, Special assistance in schools/SEN, Early childhood education and care, Access to health care, Segregation, Poverty and social exclusion, How specific needs of Roma children are mainstreamed in other child related aspects, Overcoming barriers/institutional discrimination
Sponsors: EC DG JUST