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ECO2Fuel aims to design, manufacture, operate, and validate the worldwide first low-temperature 1MW direct, electrochemical CO2 conversion system to produce economic and sustainable liquid e-fuels under industrially relevant conditions. This will be achieved by the direct electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 using water and renewable electricity without hydrogen at temperatures and pressures below 80C and 15 bar, respectively.

Due to its compatibility to dynamic loads, the ECO2Fuel system allows the efficient and direct coupling to renewable energy sources (RES) or facilitating grid-balancing service. The ECO2Fuel system is based on a genuinely unique CO2 co-electrolysis technology developed under a Horizon 2020 project. The produced e-fuels will be evaluated as green alternative feedstock in two of Europe’s CO2 emission heavy sectors, transport and energy.

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Stephanie Henke-von der Malsburg
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