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Romania on an ambitious path to reform its research and innovation system

During the PSF Country review of Romania, expert panel provided policy recommendations for the implementation of R&I policies that aim at fostering the development of the R&I ecosystem. This article offers an overview of the exercise and showcases the main outputs.

Aware of the challenges facing its R&I system, the Romanian Government turned to the Horizon Policy Support Facility (PSF) for an independent review of the country’s R&I system. The expert panel prepared a set of 10 key policy messages, each of them supported by detailed recommendations. Among them:

  • the need for the Government to have a clearer vision of the role of R&I in Romania’s development;
  • the fragmentation of the public organisations involved in R&I;
  • the serious lack of policy-relevant evidence to guide R&I policymaking;
  • the insufficient and unpredictable funding of the R&I system; the unbalanced policy mix for R&I in terms of funding and the inefficient management practices in the public sector.

However, the panel also highlighted Romania’s strong commitment to making its R&I system more efficient. The Government also pledged to provide fresh R&I investments and promote much-needed reforms for the system to develop to its full potential.

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