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PSF Country (formerly PSF Peer Reviews & Specific support to countries) is an in-depth assessments of a country's Research & Innovation system carried out by a panel of experts and peers, leading to actionable policy recommendations to the national authorities on reforms necessary to strengthen their R&I system.

It can take the form of a general assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s R&I ecosystem, but it can also focus on a number of specific elements (e.g. reform of universities, knowledge-transfer system, etc.), as agreed with the country under review.

Romania -

The objective of the review of Romania’s research and innovation system is to provide support to the country in its efforts in reforming its public science sphere. This aims to improve the quality and performance of the national R&I system and help the integration of Romania into the European Research Area (ERA).

The focus areas of the Country review were:

  1. Governance of the Romanian R&I system and structural changes;
  2. Framework conditions for public research;
  3. The internationalisation of the Romanian R&I system in an inclusive ERA;
  4. Public-private partnerships as key drivers for better innovation;
  5. Effectiveness and impact of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in relation to the National R&D&I Plan (2015-2020).

The activity identified key impediments and came up with policy recommendations complemented with short and long-term measures that are necessary in order to improve the country’s research and development performance.