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PSF Challenge/ Mutual Learning Exercises

Challenge/ Mutual learning exercises focus on specific R&I challenge of interest to several Member States and Associated Countries and draw on a hands-on project-based exchange of good practice.
Its aim is to identify good practices, lessons learned and success factors based on robust evidence. Mutual learning exercises have addressed topics such as the Administration and monitoring of R&D tax incentives, Evaluation of business R&D grant schemes and the Evaluation of complex public private partnerships, among others.

01/12/2021 - 28/02/2023

An increasing number of citizen science projects and initiatives are being implemented across Europe – mostly taking place at local or national levels, but some also being co-ordinated internationally. This rapidly emerging mode of research and innovation shows substantial potential in terms of achieving greater societal impact and increasing trust in science, by leveraging collective societal capabilities, by enlarging the scope of the R&I, and by increasing relevance, responsiveness and transparency. However, national or regional policies to support and mainstream them, if they exist, are in many countries at an early stage of development. Europe would benefit from greater attention to promoting citizen science within Member States and regions, and from greater cooperation and shared approaches across the European Research Area as a whole.

The MLE thus aims to facilitate an exchange of information, experiences and lessons learned, as well as to identify good practices, policies and programmes in relation to the various approaches at local, regional and national levels, towards supporting and scaling up citizen science. In addition, the objective is to identify citizen science campaigns that have high potential to be implemented in a collaborative way across the European Research Area.