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MLE on Research Integrity

Research integrity is a foundation of excellent science and the cornerstone of societal trust in researchers and research institutions. Advancing research integrity across Europe is of the utmost importance to ensure the high quality of science, including reproducibility of research results, and to ensure a fruitful relationship between science and society.

The MLE focused on the exchange of national practices regarding four priority areas for advancing in the research integrity field, namely, promoting positive incentives, spreading research integrity culture among stakeholders through communications and dialogue, enhancing training in all stages of the research careers and stimulating processes and structures that support research integrity. These four priority areas were analysed from three different perspectives: institutional, national and cross-border levels.

PSF Geo coverage
Moldova Norway Austria Bulgaria Denmark Estonia Finland France Greece Ireland Lithuania Luxembourg Spain Sweden
PSF Exercise type
Mutual Learning



  • MLE on Research Integrity: kick-off meeting

  • MLE on Research Integrity: first country visit

  • MLE on Research Integrity: second country visit – dialogue & communication and incentives

  • MLE on Research Integrity: third country visit – enhancing training

  • MLE on Research Integrity: Final meeting

  • MLE on Research Integrity – dissemination event at the ENERI Final Conference